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Saxophone Ensemble


True to the spirit of Adolph Sax’s original concept of a ‘family’ of instruments, the aim with this recording is to capture the range of possibilities that collective saxophone voices can play.  There is everything from full orchestral arrangements to more intimate chamber pieces, and a number of new compositions and arrangements. 
As well as pieces featuring the full group of nine players and smaller chamber groups, the title track 'Partial Eclipse' by Nigel Wood and commissioned by Equinox is a unique combination of EWI (electronic wind instrument) and sax ensemble.
Partial Eclipse Nigel Wood
Oboe Concerto Op. 9 No 2 Albinoni Arr. N Pennill
Cinerama James Rae
Closure Keiron Anderson
Celtic Suite Gavin Whitlock
Concerto Op. 8 No. 12 Vivaldi Arr. A Ghidoni
Lincolnshire Posy Grainger Arr. A Parnell
Boris Goes to Dublin Alun Cook
Moondance Van Morrison Arr. J Halton

Total playing time 65:26
CD costs £10.00 plus £1.50 postage and packing.  

Comments from some of our musician friends...
"The CD is great! I'm really pleased and impressed how well Partial Eclipse sounds. The blend between the EWI and saxes works even better than I'd envisaged.  I think you have done a wonderful job of putting together a varied selection of pieces which showcase Equinox's talent."  Nigel Wood, composer and saxophonist
"Excellent! A very high standard of playing throughout"  James Rae, composer and saxophonist
"The production of the music is very good but essentially it succeeds because of the efforts of the players to build from basic ensemble skills to a sophisticated well rehearsed unit; with a cohesion that ensures each piece sounds quite different. Well done!"  Keiron Anderson, composer and conductor
"Congratulations to all in Equinox for a really great CD.  I have had a good listen now and think that the quality of the recording and the musicianship shown by all of the group is excellent." Christian Forshaw, saxophonist, composer and producer
  "For a group like this to get a CD of this quality off the ground is amazing, and the recording quality and playing throughout is excellent. Bravo to everyone involved." Rob Buckland, saxophonist and composer
"...I have indeed been Eclipsed, so to speak, and I’m very impressed!  The CD is beautifully produced and the music is a very interesting mix." Alun Cook, composer
 "...It's great! Many congratulations, nice arrangements and good playing throughout – it must have been fun to put it together, sounds that way anyway!" Kyle Horch

Review in Clarinet and Saxophone Magazine, Spring 2008
"...With a total of 18 tracks and over an hour of music this CD offers a comprehensive overview of the different soundscapes of a saxophone ensemble.  All the pieces are tuneful and accessible, and would offer an excellent introduction for audiences unfamiliar with the saxophone and its repertoire."  Read the rest of the review here.