Review: Equinox guest at Gala Concert

(March 24, 2007)
On Saturday 24th March Equinox were special guests of the Nottingham Symphonic Wind Orchestra who were staged a special gala concert in honour of organiser and co-founder Margaret Frogson.
Margaret has been awarded the prestigious Lady Hilary Groves prize for her contribution to music making in the community.  Equinox members were delighted to be part of the evening, as Margaret, with her husband and business partner David Oldershaw of Windblowers have supported Equinox since its formation in 2005.  Most significantly, they have provided the magnificent bass saxophone for use by the group.
Equinox at Bluecoat
Equinox at Bluecoat - photo PT Graphics
Margaret Frogson award
Alistair Parnell and Nicola Pennill of Equinox with
Margaret Frogson after receiving her award (centre)
Photo PT Graphics
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