'The Equinox Collection' launch

(May 20, 2013)

Equinox performed a selection of material from their new recording 'The Equinox Collection' at their launch concert in West Bridgford.  An appreciative audience were in attendance and the mix of classical and contemporary repertoire was very well received.  The core of the programme came from Roberto Molinelli's 'Four Pictures of New York', featuring four different soloists from the Equinox lineup.  Aside from the CD repertoire, new material included Nigel Wood's mercurial 'Man-Mou' featuring the sopranino saxophone and, at the other end of the saxophonic spectrum, Claire Tomsett's 'Flight of the Bumbling Bee' for bass saxophone.

Comments on 'The Equinox Collection'

"...what a fantastic showcase for the saxophone!"

"Extraordinary individual contributions welded into a superbly balanced whole."

"Love this CD"

The Equinox Collection is now available to order from the web site.


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