Bass saxophone is latest addition to Equinox lineup

(September 21, 2006)

Bass sax

David Oldershaw and Margaret Frogson of Windblowers hand over the new bass sax to player James Crockford and Equinox leader Alistair Parnell.  (Photo A Pennill)
Equinox are delighted to announce their most recent addition to the saxophone lineup!
Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Windblowers Music Shop in Nottingham, Equinox have the use of a magnificent (black!) Keilwerth bass saxophone.
This adds to the existing range of instruments in the group, which now includes  seven  members of the saxophone family - sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass and Tubax.  This greatly adds to the range of musical colours possible, as the bass provides tremendous power to the ensemble.
The bass will have its concert debut on 28th October at Langar, Notts.  Player James Crockford has something special in mind to introduce the instrument and really put it through its paces.  "The bass is a very versatile instrument - as well as being able to chug away and provide a firm foundation for the rest of the group, it can also be virtuosic.  I'm not prepared to say more at this stage - other than wait and see what it can do!!"
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