Keri joins Equinox

(March 25, 2008)
Keri Degg
The most recent member to join Equinox is Keri Degg on alto saxophone.  Here Keri introduces herself!

"I began playing the Clarinet at school at age 13 after falling in love with the sound from the visiting secondary school band. I achieved grade 5 before leaving secondary school.


I was  more focused on art as a teenager but after A-Levels didn’t pursue a degree in art after being advised that there were ‘no jobs’ once qualified! After a failed attempt at nursing college (lasted 3 months, too squeamish!) I worked in a design studio.


Having Met hubby (Carl) at 16, and married 5 years later, a year later (after having my first child) I realised that music was my first love and decided to make it my career.


I have two children now, aged 10 and 7, and since having the children I have worked through Grade 8 Clarinet, DipABRSM Clarinet teaching in 2005 (distinction). Grade 8 alto sax 2006 (distinction). I've also done Grade 6 flute and will be doing Grade 8 this Summer. Lessons with Alistair Parnell resulted in DipABRSM Saxophone performance (2007) and Grade 8 sop sax (distinction, 2007). I'm still very motivated to learn and improve far more, and am improving my piano skills when time allows.


I’m very passionate about teaching, and work particularly with aged 7 – 11 age group children, which is great fun, challenging at times, but highly rewarding! I have worked as a peripatetic teacher, teaching Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute with the Derbyshire Music Partnership for two years teaching up to 75 pupils per week (mainly paired lessons), and have a small number of private pupils of varying ages!"





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